Where Do Authors Draw Inspiration? Courage Igene Weighs in

Have you ever struggled with ‘writer’s block,’ and wondered where most authors seem to get their inspiration? Authors draw their inspiration from a wide variety of sources — everything from dreams to personal experiences to historical events. Here are a few sources of inspiration that may prove to be helpful for your next experience with writers’ block, explains successful faith-based author Courage Igene.


Some authors draw their inspiration from folklore, or stories which have been passed down from generation to generation. Courage Igene says there are always interesting stories out there, and talented authors can take pieces of that folklore and weave their own stories using inspiration from these passed-down tales. These stories often involve supernatural elements and how they are navigated by a particular character or characters based in fiction or non-fiction. Others are historical works, re-telling age old stories with new or insightful twists.

Personal Experience

One of the most common sources of inspiration for authors is personal experience, and it is a great place to start from if you aren’t sure what you want to write about. Everyone has a story, and you can either turn it into a fully autobiographical or biographical work or change it slightly and make it a work of fiction with aspects of reality woven in here and there. Most authors start writing about their personal experiences, which helps them to find their creative voice and gain power through writing. Others use writing as a way to heal from and process trauma or loss. Writing can be a powerful mechanism for managing grief, states Courage Igene.

Authors also draw on the experiences of others for inspiration — such as those who have experienced other traumas, war, famine or winning the lottery, for example.

To Escape Reality

Writing, for some authors, can be a way to escape a reality, and to create a world which is very different from their own. It can be extremely therapeutic for many writers to use writing as an escape from reality: it can help them focus on the worlds they are creating for their characters and to be better equipped to deal with challenging circumstances in their lives. According to Courage Igene, this can also be the case for writers who like to write about the paranormal or occult: creative writing can be a way to immerse themselves in another world entirely.

Pop Culture

Some authors use ideas gleaned from pop culture, including television shows. They will often home in on a particular aspect of a character or a story line and find a unique way to tell a story using the personality of that character.
Use the Mundane

Sometimes the most mundane details of life prove to be extremely inspirational. Some of the world’s best authors have found unique and interesting ways to write about — well, something very ‘normal’. In these instances, it is the author’s unique perspective on the mundane that makes their writing worth reading.

Courage Igene’s Final Thoughts

These are only a few of the many sources of inspiration authors draw upon when writing. The truth is, inspiration is everywhere, depending on your perspective. If you stop focusing on sounding ‘perfect’ or intelligent, writing comes much easier.

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