Pastor Courage Igene Discusses Pastors & Ministers: Here Are 4 Things To Remember

Pastor Courage Igene wants to bring thanks to all those Pastors & Ministers to be recognized for the good works they are doing every day!

1. Be Addicted To The Word & Presence of God; When the chips are down, only His Word in your Spirit & His Presence will keep you going. Nothing you see is as it first appears. Don’t let any unbelieving or backsliding believer talk you out of your personal revelation in the Word. Remember, people only believe what they know. And they only know what they’ve been taught.

2. Never Speak To Be Heard; Speak To Be Understood! Many Times We Talk & At The End No One Remembers Anything That Was Said. But When You Speak To Be Understood; Even The Child In Your Midst Will Repeat Everything You Said Days, Months & Even Years Later! One Major Way To Be Effective Is To Know Your Audience…Know Who You Talking To! (That’s for another day).

3. Be Prepared For Persecutions & Criticisms; Both Constructive & Destructive. You cant pray it away. If our Master Jesus went through it, who are we not to go through. When they come, identify who’s talking…if it’s from someone with your best interest; review and take the corrections prayerfully. But if it’s from an enemy, seek Gods leading if to reply or ignore. Just be careful not to respond to every dog that barks!

4. Be Swift To Identify The Snakes In Your Garden! The goal of snakes is to build credibility through conversation. (Ask Adam & Eve). They sow seeds of disobedience, discord, disloyalty and dishonor among the Brethren. Don;t take snakes lightly. Even God cursed the snake. Paul shook a snake into the fire to be consumed. Snakes don’t repent from being snakes. A snake is a snake. Period!

Courage Igene wants everyone to know the importance of having religion incorporated into their everyday lives!

God Bless All Ministers @ Every Level of Ministry Serving Tirelessly…Thank You!

Your Labor Is Not In Vain! #PastorsAppreciationWeek# #Exhort103

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