Pastor Courage Igene on Introducing Christ To Your Kids

Whether you’re thinking about having kids, or you’ve already raised your own, most of us are aware of the profound impact that parenting can have on a child: Every choice will affect them as they grow up, and this is why it’s so important as Christians to plant seeds of faith early on. It might seem daunting at first, but God has provided us with everything we need to accomplish the task. Pastor Courage Igene is here to guide you on the process of introducing your children to Jesus, including his story as well as the values he demonstrated within it.

Planting the Seeds

Before anything else, you have to start at the foundation of everything you believe: The Bible. As soon as your children are able to understand the stories you read to them, the Bible should be at the top of your list. The fundamental story within it is how in the beginning, even though God lovingly created us, we separated ourselves from Him and entered into a world of sin: Imperfection, pain, sickness and death. But despite this, God sent his Son Jesus to live among us as an empathetic demonstration of his unconditional love, ultimately dying on our behalf for our sins, and defeating death itself by coming back to life after 3 days.

It’s not just about planting the seeds of this incredible story, either. The bible is full of stories, including those about Jesus, that illustrate God’s values, which are seeds you need to plant as a parent, with the promise of them becoming something truly special.

Answering Questions, Providing Support

After you’ve started reading the Bible regularly with your children, it’s important to understand that they are going to have questions; Pastor Courage Igene said they’re going to need your support. This is a completely natural part of the process. For anyone who is being told the stories in the bible for the first time, it will take time to understand, especially for younger minds.

One question you may be asked could pertain to why things are the way they are, whether it’s bible stories or things happening today; They might come from serious places of confusion or doubt. Never forget that God’s word will always be the right answer for your children. Just as you know that you can always count on God to come through for you, in absolute sense, so too can you count on the Bible to guide you through answering the questions your children will have about Christianity, no matter how tricky they might seem.

Leading by Example

After you’ve told the stories of the bible and started building up biblical values in your children, this, simply put, isn’t enough just on its own. As the bible says, “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:17); in this case, the good works can be as simple as the example you lead in your daily life. It’s one thing for you to say what you believe, and subsequently what you want your children to believe in. It’s another thing entirely to actually live out these beliefs.

When your children see what you believe through how you act, as your best and genuine self, this will only serve to reinforce their faith in God, and move them further along in their spiritual journey.

Pastor Courage Igene is the founder and President of All Nations Church. Bringing people to God is his life’s passion, and he wants to share it with as many people as possible. Providing spiritual guidance and prayer for those in need, his goal is to empower them with blessings and positivity.

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